Hedier Animation Studio

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Hedier is not complicated in essence, only the underlying systems may want a greater understanding to fully comprehend them.

Furthermore, the way hedier generates projects is not necessarily easily understood upon first impressions. You can use this documentation and it's top navigation buttons (or below contents).

Scraping/navigating, the documentation is structured in the form https://hedier.sch.mt/Docu/[Chapter]/[Note]/[Detail].html, always scrape using https. Some directories may have details in two parts, whereis you have a master-detail and subdetail, in the form /[master-detail]/[subdetail].html

Chapter 1 (Hedier, Version 1):
  1. Concepts
    1. Frames
    2. Scenes
    3. Playthrough
  2. Projects
    1. Projects
    2. Project Structure
    3. Compilation
    4. Metadata
  3. Implementations
    1. Implementations
    2. Hedier Animation Studio
      1. Hedier Animation Studio
      2. Differences
      3. Design
      4. Requirements