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Project Structure

Projects have a simple layout, they are simply files in folders, here's an example (imagine you're in the root directory of a project called Project1, it has two scenes, each with two frames)

This is a lot. The folder "omd" is for storing Open/Outsourced Meta Data elements, these are explained in 1.2.4 Metadata, however simply they are unique data associated to each frame and scene, their naming scheme is [Scene Number (1+)][Frame Number (000-999)].omd. This is usually done by the program.

The "orf" folder is for storing Open Reset Frames1, this then contains a folder per scene (1+), in this there are then the frame files (these are files of size defined by the resolution of the project, see 1.1.1 Frames). Their scheme is [Scene Numer (Corresponding to parent folder, 1+)][Frame Number (000-999)].orf.

1 - This naming reason is not known. This is a legacy name carried from the original Hedier Design Project standard.